Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy for the Ultimate Skin Care

Photo Facial Rejuvenation is a spa facial treatment especially developed for the unveiling of natural healthy skin through deep treatment of skin.

Also known as Photo Rejuvenation Light Therapy, this treatment uses the different wavelength of light to penetrate and treat different layers of the skin. Photo rejuvenation skin care is non-evasive, creates absolutely no physical discomfort other than the light (client’s eyes are safely protected during the treatment) and requires no downtime.

Photo Facial Rejuvenation treatments are extremely effective in treating a host of skin care issues. With Photo Rejuvenation skin care you can expect to see relief from:

  • visible signs of skin damage from sun and extreme weather exposure
  • acne
  • rosacea
  • pre-mature wrinkles
  • visible broken capillaries
  • dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • enlarged pores
  • uneven skin tone

At Meaza Spa and Salon, we recommend getting a customized facial prior to the photo rejuvenation facial treatment to obtain best facial skin care results.

With a full service spa right in Downtown Winnipeg, you can easily schedule a routine treatment, add a pampering and relaxing massage, or plan a full day of spa and massage services. Meaza and Salon  Spa offers the best Manitoba facial spa treatment therapy in a centrally-located and professional atmosphere in Downtown Winnipeg. You’ll enjoy our therapeutic grottos, dry and steam saunas, shower at our spa along with a full range of day spa packages.

Meaza Spa and Salon is open daily, from 10am to 2am.

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